IRC channel for Sybase!

For those of you that would love to chat with people about Sybase online but don’t want to bother with the Sybase Newsgroups or just want to hang out with fellow people interested in Sybase, come join me in our very own IRC channel!

IRC Server:, port 6667

IRC Channel:  #Sybase 

I’m typically in the channel from time to time.  Best time to catch me is after 7pm US Central Time.  You will also find me in the #perl and #kubuntu channels 🙂

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One Reply to “IRC channel for Sybase!”

  1. Hi Jason,

    I am new sysbase, I am looking to use full database encryption. I was able to encrypt the database. I am now stuck at taking backup of encrypted database.

    Can you please help me the steps/commands to backup an encrypted database.

    Thank you,

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