Confused by SAP Sybase ASE’s new versioning system?

SAP Sybase recently changed their versioning system from 15.7 ESD 4 to 15.7 SP100, SP102 and 15.7 SP50. One would assume that since 100 is greater than 50 SP100 is newer than SP50. Not so. Not by a long shot.


SP50/60/XX – bug fixes ONLY from the 15.7 ESD 4.2 code line
SP100/102/XXX – bug fixes AND new features starting at the 15.7 ESD 4.2 code line

Why SAP would do this and neglect to provide adequate documentation ANYWHERE that explains the numbering is one of the great mysteries of SAP.

EBF 21517: 15.7 SP102 – 64 Bit  15.7 26 Jul 2013 EBF/Patch
EBF 21202: 15.7 SP50 – 64 Bit  15.7 23 Jul 2013 EBF/Patch


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