MMA: What’s happening this week (8/1 – 8/6) at Victory Martial Arts of Okemos

This week Victory Martial Arts of Okemosduring classes, we will be testing our students for their Third Black Stripe. This stripe is awarded during the 6th week of the cycle. Students must perform the curriculum on their own, thus demonstrating their knowledge of the material. In order to be eligible to test for this stripe, the students are required to have attended a minimum of 11 classes during the current cycle, and must have already earned their Yellow, 1st & 2nd Black, Blue, and Red Stripes.
Students will be tested on: – Executing the Board Break(s) on the “First” Attempt – Weapons Drills or Weapons Form – Self Defense – Traditional Form – Push Ups with Proper Body Alignment – Round Kicks in 10 seconds each side (R/L)
– Recite the Life Skill

3544 Meridian Crossing Dr. Suite 130 Okemos, Michigan 48864

Team Members
Master Faett Director
Mr. Rodriguez Chief Instructor
Ms. Sims Program Director

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