SAP Sybase IQ: Do not use LF indexes in IQ v16

Really, there isn’t a good reason to use LF indexes in version 16 and higher of IQ. Use HG indexes instead. From Mark Mumy of SAP fame:

Mumy, Mark mark.mumy at
Mon Aug 17 11:31:37 MST 2015

There is no need with IQ 16 SP08.20 and beyond to use an LF. The HG index has been augmented over the past few years to take on the same characteristics for low cardinality data while adding parallelism and other join/sort features that just don’t exist in the LF.

Remove all LF indexes and replace them with HGs, if they don’t have one. There is no need for an HNG as the LF (don’t use) and HG have many of those features and can cost less.


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