HowTo: view and copy your Kindle ebook highlights and notes

  1. Go to and log in as yourself
  2. Choose the book you made notes or highlights in
  3. Highlight and copy what you want


Example:  I highlighted parts of Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features: (screenshot of the website followed by a normal cut&paste):

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Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features

Dan Bader

Last accessed on Tuesday May 14, 2019

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Yellow highlight | Page: 20

Python’s assert statement is a debugging aid, not a mechanism for handling run-time errors. The goal of using assertions is to let developers find the likely root cause of a bug more quickly. An assertion error should never be raised unless there’s a bug in your program.

Yellow highlight | Page: 22

The biggest caveat with using asserts in Python is that assertions can be globally disabled3 with the -O and -OO command line switches, as well as the PYTHONOPTIMIZE environment variable in CPython.

Yellow highlight | Page: 23

it becomes extremely dangerous to use assert statements as a quick and easy way to validate input data.

Yellow highlight | Page: 25

you should always do a quick smoke test with your unit test cases. Make sure they can actually fail before you move on to writing the next one.

Yellow highlight | Page: 31

So what’s the with statement good for? It helps simplify some common resource management patterns by abstracting their functionality and allowing them to be factored out and reused.

Yellow highlight | Page: 31

Opening files using the with statement is generally recommended because it ensures that open file descriptors are closed automatically after program execution leaves the context of the with statement.


The folks at Marble Jar Channel have a wonderful video of using the highlights & notes with Google Sheets and Evernote.  The same method can be used with Microsoft’s OneNote or whatever you want really:

It wouldn’t take much to automate the process 🙂

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