HOWTO: Linux Samba protocol negotiation failed: NT_STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES – SOLVED! Windows XP 2k8 Win7 Win8 Win2012

The issue is the LanmanServer service runs out of memory. We need to boost that up:

On your Windows machine, fire up regedit (Start -> regedit) modify the following registry keys:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache” from 0 to 1
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters\Size” from 1 to 3

The problem seems to manifest itself more frequently if you use your Windows box as a file server or a media server. If you can, restart the Windows box. If for some reason you can’t (e.g. your significant other is watching a video on the tv streaming from your Windows box), then you can do effectively the same by restarting the following services:

(Start -> cmd.exe) as administrator
>net stop LanmanServer /y
> net start LanmanServer
> net start Browser
> net start HomeGroupListener

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Optimizing the Firefox (SQLite databases)

Most people that want to speed up Firefox know about the various settings in about:config but many forget that Firefox uses SQLite databases that can become cluttered.

In your home directory ($HOME on *nix/Mac and %APPDIR% on Windows), run sqlite3 with vacuum, reindex and analyze on eche of the *.sqlite databases. Don’t have sqlite3? No problem, get it from the SQLite Download page or your distribution’s package manager (e.g. apt-get install sqlite3)


cd ${HOME}/.mozilla/firefox/

for profile in *.default; do
cd ${profile}

for db in *.sqlite; do 
echo Processing $db
sqlite3 "${db}" < 

That wasn’t hard was it? 🙂

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Mac OSX printers… connecting to consumer network printers

Back in March 2007, I posted about The Sad State of Mac OSX Printer Drivers. I’m sad to say that little has changed. Even noted computer experts like Leo Laporte seem to be unaware that this is an issue with Apple and the printer manufacturers.

In hour three of Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy radio show on Sunday 13 January 2008 (episode 422), a caller says she was unable to print to her Canon Pixma printer from her Mac when the printer is on the network. She is able to print when she connects the printer directly to the Mac.

Q Verit – Print server not working

You need to add it as an IP Printer. Then you find out the IP of the Printer and then put that into the Mac’s and other Windows Machine.

The Mac comes with Direct Print drivers, however you need network drivers for that Canon printer. You can use Unix drivers, but it’s not worth it. You’ll probably just want to get a Canon for the mac.

Canon just doesn’t believe that Apple users have network printers that are either connected to a Windows box or a print server.

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